Welcome to Afaqgypsum, we have over 20 years of experience.

Specializing in the arabic engraving and classical styles.


Hello again to the Afaqgypsum for the services of gypsum.. We are honored to be a customer ..!

Afaqgypsum offers you a unique and creative services: We have a variety of designs in a lot of areas to provide you,
or work on your decisions and your ideas.



Opera house Astana, capital of Kazakhstan artistic touch and charm decoration, proficiency in the inscription, inspired by the culture of Kazakhstan.

Presidential Palace

The presidential palace, “AKorda” in Kazakhstan of the most beautiful buildings in the capital, the word means “AKorda” White country in Kazakhstan.

Wedding Hall

Wedding hall reflect Luster decorate ceilings and walls where the plaster decorations classic and contemporary consistency and harmony.


Best decorated plaster ceilings art of interior decoration for every taste.combining modernity and tradition to decorate the residential accommodation.


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There are some projects Afaqgypsum have completed their own, and other projects under the guise of other enterprises

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