Afaqgypsum / About

More than 20 years of success

Afaqgypsum, a company specialized in the Arab engraving and classical styles. During visits Afaqgypsum succeeded in becoming a leader in the field of gypsum (ornament palace building, residential accommodation, mosques, …).

Confidence in the work that we do is the secret of our success

Customers trust what we do for them, the project will be in accordance with the highest standards and be completed within a given time frame of its own.

We believe that with good organization and planning, the word impossible does not exist.

You ask … we meet your request

Afaqgypsum satisfy you order with a unique look. We have a variety of designs in many different fields to provide you, or work on your decisions and your ideas.

Begin to dream and we begin to build your dream

At the moment they choose us for this task, we start working to make the dream come true and unique. We sponsored the project small details and large, organizing and planning to make the perfect project on time.

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